I want to start this off by stating the obvious… I am NOT a professional.

I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on skincare. I feel like I’ve tried every brand out there and nothing seemed to really work for me. That’s when I decided to dive deeper in the ingredients that were in my products.

That’s when I learned, ingredients to avoid are fragrance, citrus essential oils, and Sodium lauryl sulfate. Fragrance is a pretty scary ingredient because you don’t actually know what that means. Fragrance can contain a number of chemicals or ingredients you may be allergic to - but you’d never know. Citrus essential oils can cause skin irritation and sensitivity to the sun. Finally, Sodium lauryl sulfate is a very aggressive ingredient. This can break down your skins natural moisture barrier and cause irritation.

Products you may want to incorporate into your skincare routine are Clindamycin, Niacinamide, and Zinc Pyrithione. Clindamycin simply kills the bacteria on your face that could be causing acne. This ingredient may require a prescription so make sure to speak to your dermatologist. Niacinamide helps fight inflammation or redness on the skin. Finally, Zinc Pyrithione can help fight all sorts of acne causes! It helps fight off bacteria and soothe irritation.

There are a ton of ingredients in skincare products but hopefully this can help you get set in the right direction. Here are some products I recommend:



Youth to the People





The Ordinary

Paula’s Choice